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Classic PR roof, ribbed panel, externally fixed.

Ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to secondary framing with self-drilling screws.



  High performance thermal insulation
Extremely weather-tightness
Easy maintenance
Quick erection
Large range of integrated accessories
Foam density: 40-45 kg/m3
Flame spread CSTB: M2

Polar SR sandwich panel, CFC-free polyurethane core

Steel sandwich panels with polyurethane core, externally fixed with self-tapping fasteners.



  Proved performance - over 17-million m2 constructed
Simple and quick erection
High performance coatings
Good acoustical performance
Large range of integrated accessories

Astrotec standing seam roof with hidden fasteners

Standing seam roof system with "snap together" connections at top of ribs.



  Robust and durable
Completely weather-tight
Free thermal expansion and contraction
No thermal bridges
High quality finishes
Large range of integrated accessories

DSR Double skin roof systems

Internal PR roof with auxiliary structure supporting external PR panels or Astrotec panels. Thermal insulation placed between the skins.



  Early erection of inner skin provides cover for internal trades
Excellent fire classification
High insulation values, energy saving
Optional perforated inner panel for acoustical absorption
Good interior appearance
Fast and easy erection

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