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Romdecor is redecorating your interiors using a special product – cork!
Cork is an ideal material for floor paving in working, living or relaxation places.

Cork floor is a material based on a natural raw material: cork oak rind, a tree that grows in the Mediterranean countries.
By having it boiled, minced, and pressed together with natural resins, the cork oak rind can be cut into thin slices with a unique design.
The cork plates for floors are made of two different layers: the first one is a base one, finely grounded, while the upper level is made of cork finishing with different design patterns.
The use of cork floors in homes, office buildings, meeting rooms, or hotels can create an elegant, nice, and relaxing ambient, thanks to its natural look.
The long lasting qualities of this product come from its natural elasticity and its protective lacquer layer, which offers cork floor its water proof qualities.

ROMDECOR, the exclusive representative in Romania for NATURO BODENBELAGE Germany is offering its customers more than 15 types of cork floor. They are coming in three basic types: CLASSIC, MODERN, and COLOR, satisfying different tastes in design.
The cork plates come in different sizes too: 15x60 cm, 30x30cm, 30x60cm. They all have a 4mm thickness.


The pros of using cork floor:

  Natural cork does not contain formic aldehyde or other health damaging chemical products
  The cork is antistatic, sound absorbing and soundproof
  The cork floors are resistant to erosion and acids; it also does not rot
  Not easily flammable, the cork floor is a fire preventing product
  It is a good thermo insulate material abd creates a special comfort. It allows also floor heating, this type of heating emphasizing its qualities
  Cork floor is pressure resistant yet elastic, offering protection in case of falling on it
  With correct treatment (periodical lacquering), the cork floors have an unlimited life span
  Basic mounting maneuvers
  Facile maintenance which is made by vacuuming and wiping with a wet cloth
  The cork is a natural product which preserves natural environment
  The wide variety of cork floor designs and patterns allow creating a pleasant, and warm ambient

Comparison with other types of floor

(PVC, carpet, synthetic floors, parquet, tiles, ceramic, cement)

Using 11 criteria in comparison, we saw that cork come out as follows:
- 1st place 8 times thanks to - 2nd place in the following
its following qualities: things

    Elasticity - Mounting maneuvers
    Soundproof - Cleaning
    Thermo proof - Resistance
    Long lasting
    Design and pattern variety
    Pleasant and comfortable ambient
    Lifestyle integration

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